DIY toilet installation

There is nothing eternal, everything once spoils, and this can happen to your toilet, which will have to be replaced. Of course, you can call plumbing, but if you are a master of all hands, then you will do without it, especially since the installation of the toilet with your own hands is not so wisdom. But before installing, you need to choose and buy it.

If you live in a standard apartment, then you probably have a regular standard toilet, the only thing you need to pay attention to, it is as a toilet is connected to a sewer pipe, to the so -called angle of release, which is a oblique, horizontal and vertical.

Naturally, you need to choose what was on the old. Also pay attention to what height of the floor there is. If the release does not coincide with the release on the selected model, then you will need a drain corrugated pipe. So — it may not be necessary for a standard installation for the toilet.

Well, here the toilet is chosen and bought, and the next step is its installation, but before that it is necessary to dismantle the old. To do this, first of all, redraw water, tighten the valve that supplies water to the toilet, and if it is not, tighten the common valve that supplies cold water. After that, drain the water from the tank and disconnect the water eyeliner. We simply unscrew the flexible eyeliner, and in the case of a metal one, cut part of the pipe to the thread, so that you can then screw the nut for a flexible eyeliner. Next, unscrew the toilet bolts and remove it. But, it is possible that the toilet is kept not on the bolts, but is trained in the floor. Then you have to break the cement, or the toilet in the places of fastening. Before removing the toilet, it must be tilted back so that the water located in its inner cavities merges. Disconnect the bell. The corrugated bell is simply removed, and disassemble the plastic or cast -iron to the place of the first connection, so that in the future you can insert a drain corrugated pipe.

The corrugated pipe and sewage bell in the joints are lubricated with sealant, and then the corrugation is worn out on the bell. So that the smell of sewage system does not spread, it is better to plug the open opening of the pipe before the end of the work.

If your floor is even, the toilet was fixed with bolts, and the new one has the same mount, try to fix it to the same place. In order for the toilet to stand firmly, it is better to drill new holes for dowels and replace the old dowels with new ones, and the new holes for fastening are accurately noted by putting the toilet to the place of installation.

If the toilet was cemented, you need to clean the installation site of cement and make a screed, which should then dry well so that the dowels can hold in the future. Dowel must be carefully scored into the holes.

The screws of fastening on the toilet attached to the place are twisted alternately, evenly dragging on one after another. The junction below is better to close with a silicone sealant to prevent water from getting. On this, the main repairs are completed.

Further in line the tank. After assembling it according to the instructions, you need to carefully put on the toilet, insert and tighten the fitting bolts, not forgetting about rubber gaskets.

Then the hose for water supply is attached. It should be longer than necessary, so that it is not pulled, but hangs freely. Under the nuts of the eyeliner, there must be rubber gaskets.

The last stage is to check the entire system. Open the valve and let water. When the tank is filled, let the water and check all the joints so that it does not flow anywhere. And so several times. If there are no leaks, then you have installed everything correctly and you can use it safely.