Actual ideas for the interior

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Surely you got it more than once and hid it back into the cabinet scattered forks and spoons that have survived from the old cups of the cup, baking forms. And the remaining from your grandmother, puzzling over what to find application to all this good. Kitchen utensils can be successfully used to decorate the house.

For example, así.

Such an unusual lamp from spoons cannot but attract attention with a bright brilliance of silver and its originality. It is better to use it for point lighting — for example, hanging low over the dining table.

Bizarre curved hooks from the forks look very decorative, and are able to become a real decoration of your hallway. It is convenient to hang a different trifle or the keys to the house on them.

A real antique lamp will be made of an old coachman and baking sheet forms. Do not rub it to shine. Old age in this case — PUNTO


Todo El Mundo Sabe, how is aluminum spoons and forks. It is not entirely convenient for them, but bending, giving a wide variety of forms, very interesting — probably many of us indulged in this fun in a children’s camp. If you have such cutlery, we advise you to make hooks for towels, kitchen and aprons from them.

An unnecessary grater can be used as a pencil, or you can give it a more noble work — serve as a luxurious stand for your jewelry.

A set of magnets for the refrigerator can be made from scattered forks that you do not serve to the table. To do this, you need to glue the magnetic tape to the back of the forks. A propósito, it is very convenient to fix notes, notes and counts to them.

At a time when you do not bake muffins or muffins, use the form for them as a stand for candles. For greater decorativeness, decorate the composition with dried fruits and berries, cinnamon sticks, and prick the ribbon in the hole for hanging the form and tie it on the bow.

Excellent stands for plates, photographs, commander-in-disks, panels and other jewelry are obtained from ordinary forks. You just need to bend their teeth.

A round colander with holes is the best suited as a lampshade for «a lamp, which can be attached to a refrigerator or a metal kitchen panel using a magnet .

With the advent of modern electric teapots, metallic ones become a rarity. If you have such a kettle, try to make an original lamp out of it.

It is possible at first to not notice that in the design of this luxurious chandelier, glass cups remaining from the tea service and a glass for wine were used. So organically they fit into the overall design of the lamp, ideal for the dining room.

Metal caps glued to cutlery will turn them into original candlesticks.