Choosing a heating boiler

All existing boiler models differ in three main parameters.

— By the type of fuel used (gas, liquid or solid fuel).

— By power.

— Providing hot water supply.

Therefore, when choosing a heating boiler for its heating system, it is important to pay attention to the listed parameters. Provide the heated room with hot water supply to the power of double -circuit models of boilers. And if you need a hot quantity, then it is recommended to install just such a boiler. If you need a hot water to provide only one water intake point and then in small quantities, then you can consider a single -circuit heating boiler as an option by installing a boiler for a joint work with it.

When choosing a heating boiler based on power, it is worth considering that 1 kW of power is necessary for normal and full heating 10 m2, provided that the ceilings in the room do not exceed 3 meters. You can calculate the power of the boiler for heating your room, of course, but it is better to entrust this procedure, like everything else related to the installation of the system exclusively to professionals.

When choosing a boiler by power, it should be given to the boilers of heating to gas workers. This is due to the fact that in the gas supply system the gas pressure can be less than it is necessary for the full operation of the device for this reason, the indicated power of the device may not correspond and be an order of magnitude lower.

Thus, if we say the power of the heating boiler is 50 kW, at low gas pressure, the device can only half a job and, accordingly, will be able to fully heat the room with the total heated area of ​​which will be no more than 300 m2.

When choosing a heating boiler, based on the type of fuel, it is immediately worth noting that if the house has a gas supply, then a gas boiler is the best option. Since today gas is considered one of the cheap types of fuel. If there is no gas supply, then you can consider other options that remain more affordable (solid fuel, liquid fuel, etc.P.).

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