types, advantages and features, part 1

Modern construction requires fast pace, high quality finishing materials and qualified work. The suspended ceiling meets these requirements as well as possible:

• Installation of the suspended surface is performed for the minimum period of time.

• The product from solid manufacturers is always high -quality.

• Installation of the structure is quite capable of an ordinary construction team.


In fact, a suspended ceiling is a set of mounting and modules. A duplicate decorative surface is attached to the basic ceiling of the room (modules, sheets, etc.) using a metal structure. At the same time, all seizures of the main surface (irregularities, old paint, etc.D.) remain hidden from the gaze. The main set consists of several positions:

• Metal (aluminum or steel) wall skirting. Is attached around the perimeter of the room and serves as the basis for the formation of a cellular basis.

• Basic and transverse (long and short) guides connecting using the “hook” system or latch.

• suspensions (for some manufacturers from the USA — cutting wire), with the help of which the frame is attached, the height and horizontal surface of the surface are adjusted.

• modules laid in the mounted mounting system (as a rule, a grate with cells 600×600 is obtained). Depending on the type of product, there are modules (mineral slabs), continuous sheets (drywall) and cells made of aluminum tape (grillo).


The suspended ceiling differs from the type of surface. It, in turn, depends on the operating conditions of the product (ordinary, for medical facilities, in the food industry, etc.D.). Depending on the purpose, the material for the modules is also selected.

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