Aligning floor screed for beginners

If you are the owner of an apartment in which the flooring leaves much to be desired — you need a leveling floor screed. It will make the surface even and suitable for laying various types of coatings. When conducting this operation, use the mixture from well -known manufacturers, since the screed is a serious operation and has been done for decades.

If you want to save and buy a mixture from a less eminent manufacturer, you run the risk of getting an unsatisfactory result. If you do not know what material is used for alignment, we can advise Vetonite 3300.

Before the screed, make sure the door to the room will freely close, and not cling to a layer of new sex. If this happens — cut the door base — it will solve your problem.

About the material «Vetonite 3300»

The aligning screed of the Vetonite 3300 floor is a mixture on a cement basis, a distinctive feature of which is a quick process of drying and hardening. In its composition it has a special fiber, which enhances the composition. The mixture is ideal for aligning the floors from:



PVC coatings;

Gypsum cardboard plates;

Ceramic tiles.

Applied with a layer from 0.1 to 10 millimeters. If the reinforcing mesh is used when leveling, it is necessary to observe the thickness within 10 millimeters. When applying to wooden floors, it is necessary to observe the thickness within 1/3 of the thickness of the board and not exceed it.

Preparatory work

Paul must be prepared. For this, the old coating is removed from it and all the garbage is removed. If the upper layer exfoliates or crumbles, it is removed using a special milling cutter. If present: glue, fat, divorces — they also need to be removed. If the irregularities exceed 10 millimeters — use the special mixture «Vetonite 4000» and let it dry. Only then can subsequent operations be carried out.

If you have a wooden floor, see its stiffness. If it is unsatisfactory, attach the boards to the lags using self -tapping screws. Keep in mind that the leveling screed for the floor is done only if the wooden coating does not creak and does not bend. If the tile is on your floor, make sure that it is firmly glued. If there are fragments that have peel off, remove them, and make a seizure with putty.

All available holes and cracks in the floor must be close. This is necessary if you do not want to ruin the ceiling from below to your neighbors. If you have wooden floors — fill the cracks between the boards with a special putty for parquet. It consists of sawdust and oil paint. The skirting board must be removed, instead attach a thin plank around the entire perimeter of the room.

She will cover the gap between the wall and the floor. After the alignment is completed, it gets and clings the baseboard. The resulting space between the wall and the floor allows you to ventilate the boards, preventing decay.

Paul primer

After the surface is prepared — it must be loaded. To do this, you can use the aqueous solution «Vetonite dispersion». It will provide the best coupling of the solution with the base and remove all air bubbles that may form. In this case, the dispersion improves the fluidity of the solution for leveling.

If you plan to apply a thick layer of screed — do it several times. At the same time, after drying each layer — cover it with a primer. The layer should only be dry, it is under such conditions that the dispersion is well absorbed into the surface.

The aligning screed of the floor

The screed must be done at a time, and not leave fragments for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This will make the coating homogeneous and save it from harmful stresses. The solution is applied with an uniform layer using a spatula: ordinary or toothed.

After 4 hours after applying on the coating, you can walk. With the thickness of the leveling layer of 5 mm after 24 hours, you can lay the flooring for the floor. With a thickness of 10 mm — the coating lies in 48 hours. Know: floor material must be lying. This will save the screed.

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