Wall decoration decorative plaster finishing work

Due to its environmental friendliness, individuality and resistance to damage to different nature, decoration of the walls of decorative plaster deserved very popularity among builders and designers, as well as consumers.

Today, manufacturers are offered decorative plaster, which is distinguished by high operational characteristics, in particular, one of them must be distinguished — this is high impact resistance, which can be compared with ceramic tiles.

This method of wall decoration differs, among other things, by a magnificent combination of various shades and textures, which makes it almost perfect finishing material when arranging rooms, such as a hall or a nursery, a bathroom or a corridor, a living room or a pool. Even when purchasing equipment for rollers, do not forget that the locker rooms can be finished with this material.


Among the important advantages of this material, in comparison with other similar ones, it is impossible not to note the affordable price and the attractiveness of the appearance. Using wall decoration in this way, you can even light some minor disadvantages with great ease.

Choosing such material, you first of all acquire a new interior, emphasize your good taste. The ceiling or walls trimmed with this material look attractive and voluminous, shimmer with a variety of shades, which allows you to delight the eyes of those present. It is not surprising that quite often children are called fabulous children. Such plaster will not only amaze you with its appearance, but also your guests, since they will probably be delighted with the contemplation of the fabulous beauty of your housing.

Similar materials:

Plastering walls is considered a common and laborious type of introduction of finishing work.

So, how the walls are painted?

Decorative plaster has gained very popularity thanks to a number of advantages compared to other, muffled, finishing products.

Each owner can do work on applying textured plaster on his own, only to complete this task should be found a little with it.