Venetian plaster

Venice is a romantic city in the middle of the sea. The Venetian plaster comes from there from there, because this city is a storehouse of magical architectural monuments and architecture, the art of the Renaissance … The traditions of Venetian builders and architects were embodied in the skill of decorating premises in a specific style, which is called «Venetian plaster».

What is «Venetian plaster»?

The Venetian tradition of plastering walls is particularly sophisticated, original visual effects and is convenient in the process of applying. This design style is appropriate both in a residential building and in a business room. «Venetian» creates a truly exclusive impression and makes any wall unique.

The technology for creating a Venetian layer of plaster is to apply two layers with a brush on even surfaces. As a rule, a layer of primer is applied before plastering. After preparing the wall, the first layer of the Venetian is applied, after 6 hours of drying — the second. Когда все сои окончательно просохнут, стену покрывают воском с золотой пыльцой.

Favorable differences in Venetian plaster

The Venetian technology of plastering walls has a number of significant advantages over other wall processing methods:

Does not crack, does not crumble and does not crack;

It is subject to coloring and changing the texture at the request of the owners of the premises;

The cost of plaster is available to everyone;

Perfectly isolates the sound;

Resistant to temperature and moist changes;

Allows you to use the widest set of design ideas, work with many layers, mix shades, perform stylization for metal, gold or silver, marble;

Environmentally friendly and safe, passes air;

Does not contribute to mold, so it is great for bathrooms, saunas and pool.

The advantages of Venetian plaster are already familiar to many designers who are actively using this technology for the design of offices and apartments, houses and commercial premises.

The cost of applying Venetian plaster

Qualified masters apply Venetian plaster qualitatively and in accordance with all technological requirements. The price for the material is quite low, so repair work will be an excellent investment for a home or office.

Create an original, unique and environmentally friendly interior with Venetian plaster. Deep, saturated paints, exquisite golden fleur, a similarity with natural stone — this is why they prefer the Venetian method of wall decoration!

Order inexpensive, but exclusive repairs for the room where Venetian plaster will become a profitable and practical solution to many problems with humidity, outdated or boring design. You can choose a coating with the effect of marble or natural stone, dark and light, golden shades — depending on the preferences and specifics of the room. Your house will shine with magic light and fill it with romance of Venetian history!