Choosing a bathroom mixer

Irrevocably sunk into the past memories of a girl-leaf, who wore full buckets of well water on the rocker. Our contemporaries go to the bathroom and “revive” the most incredible devices that open the way to the house with a light movement of the hands.

All the variety of designs that are installed in souls, shells and bidets in quality and functional purpose can be classified.

The domestic market today offers a wide selection of bathroom mixers:

— The traditional version with two crane — boxes that regulate the intake of cold and hot water;

— Products with touch control and photocells;

— one -armed mixers where the pressure is regulated by the rotation of the handle.

Both in cost and in terms of technical characteristics, you can divide the assortment into groups. And often it is the price that is the most eloquent and convincing argument for the consumer.

The lion’s share of inexpensive products is Chinese products. Residents of the country of Buddhist legends have learned to accurately reproduce the mechanics and design of Europeans, so you need to be on the alert. First of all, weigh the future purchase in your hand. In China, components for mixers and water fittings are sold for weight. If you were struck by the ease of the product — draw conclusions. Some of these acquisitions, although they can work for a long time, there is no need to talk about serious guarantees.

Universal choice is the middle price class where goods from European manufacturers are represented. Here you can see many models with good technical characteristics and an interesting design. There is an exclusive in the market, having installed which during the repair of the apartment, you will not be tired of admiring it. Such goods become objects of specialized exhibitions and look great in everyday life. When buying such a product from world leaders, be sure to find out the principle of operation of the unit, the ability to replace the cartridge.

The issue of choosing a bathroom mixer may be difficult and simple at the same time. Universal medicine: look for a golden middle between your wealth, a state of water communications and design preferences.