Choosing a bathroom shell

The choice of a bathroom shell should be approached rationally, no random purchases, only a thorough calculation. You have to think about what kind of sink you need: oval, round, square or rectangular. But first you should decide on the location of the future purchase. It will be a corner option or frontal, hang it or integrate it into a cabinet — you decide. If you analyze all these nuances well, then any shape of the washbasin will become meaningful.

The tulpan shell is still in fashion, however, their suspended options with a half-saving are more preferable. The shortened support gracefully decorates the pipes and leaves the free space under the sink, which is very convenient for small rooms.

No less popular during apartment repairs, installation of a built -in sink. Modern models are mounted not only in the tabletop of a chest of drawers, but can be one with it. The last option is more expensive, but convenient, since there are no cracks, then there will be no dirt. Today, the market also offers a more acceptable option — a slaughter shell with its own shelves and hangers for towels.

For fans of the Empire style, the choice of a sink for the bathroom is invariably associated with marble products of natural and artificial. In this case, artificial samples are preferable, because natural marble is by nature porous material, therefore, it is not protected from the penetration of pollution. To everything he is still pretty soft and fragile, it is easy to damage. Artificial products, on the contrary, are not afraid of chips, scratches and aggressive penetration of household chemicals.

In addition to a variety of shells from traditional faience, natural and artificial marble, the modern market is filled with models of glass and metal. They are relevant for interior design areas of techno and high-tech. Do not worry that the glass is fragile, it is tempered and in its strength is not inferior to the classic options for shells. Metal models require special treatment, cleaning with special means, to prevent darkening of the material.

When choosing a bathtub, you should also pay attention to the number of holes in them. Many are equipped with ready -made holes for the mixer or even two cranes.