Architecture and design

Watering and lighting

The most important type of garden care is its watering. But this must also be done correctly, since various plants need different amounts of moisture. They are divided into xerophytes — plants that need a minimum of water, mesophytes — they need moderate humidity, and gigrophytes — they need ..

Flexible tile for modern roof

Roofing tiles have long been famous for its elegance. To date, modern industry did not stop its production, but on the contrary, significantly expanded the range of manufactured types of modern tiles. The most striking representative in this category was the flexible bitumen tile. Despite the fact that it is developed ..

The white-black interior of the house

In the white and black interior there is a certain charm, grace present in wallpaper, textiles, porcelain. The white-black interior is harmonious in the modern interior. The white-black interior will never go out of fashion, it is present both in minimalist and traditional options for the design of the room. These two colors perfectly complement each other. This …

How to use free space in a room?

In small apartments or in large wards, in any of these examples there should be free place. In apartments and houses with small dimensions, it is quite difficult to do, if only because, people don’t know how to put all the furniture and appliances that would remain ..

Free space, with your own hands

Make free space in your housing is not rarely becoming real flour. As soon as the hands are raised to clean the room from unnecessary details, furniture and clothes or even techniques of the hands right down, because it is a pity to throw out to throw it. There are thoughts that objects can still be useful, even ..

How to plan the interior of a small -sized apartment?

Small apartments, this is a real scourge of our time. It used to be just a trifle, but now many want them to live like others, and luxury and a cozy atmosphere. Not a large number of square meters is the main problem before making repairs. There is, of course, a solution ..

Topic to calm the bathroom

People who love peace all the more after a hard working day are simply obliged to make a place out of their housing in which such a mood will come by itself, so the first thing you need to redo the bathroom. This is a place in which a person after sleep captures vigor, and in the evening ..

American office, pros and cons [15]

If you are interested in installing windows, go to the site . Installation of windows is an important and sooty business, on which the heat in your house and sound insulation depends, so it is worth entrusting this matter to specialists. We have the best masters and the most affordable prices. Modern offices often borrow from ..

Partitions in the service of designers [17]

Partitions have recently begun to use not fake popular among designers and ordinary residents home. They are not needed everywhere, but only in the rooms that consist of one room, but very large in size. It is difficult to disagree here that a large one -room apartment using partitions, ..

Minimalism and its manifestation in Europe and the CIS countries [19]

Minimalism came to our homeland from Japan and began to use simply genuine success. Naturally, many designers contributed to the manifestation of such a popularity of this style, but not only this. Minimalism does not like a large number of extra details in apartments, which means that it is very useful for ..