Areas of proper use of bricks

I think it is no secret to the reliability of the artistic and architectural functions of modern bricks and its wide variety in the market. From ancient times, the brick is one of the reliable and not difficult to use building material.

Even in ancient times, people learned to make manually sagan bricks made of clay and straw. In the process, people opened the properties of burned clay and in the near past set up machine production of brick. And since then, brick has found widely used in construction as one of the main building materials.

Brick in construction is used to achieve the following goals.

For the construction of capital and interior walls of partitions.

Architectural goals.

Design goals.

For the construction of capital walls and partitions, the so -called

Clinker brick and costs such a brick cheaper than facing. As a clinker brick is distinguished by its rudeness and not resistance to natural influences, then you must definitely linen or plastered buildings from this material. Together, the so-called fireproof brick is also widely used in construction. The scope of this brick is mainly the construction of fireplaces, stoves and chimneys as fireproof brick is made from clay of high heat resistance.

To achieve architectural and design goals, a facing brick is used which is moisture resistant and frost -resistant material. External quality and color variety of facing brick made it one of the popular materials and in architecture.As a facing brick is economical, durable, environmentally friendly and convenient to use the material in solving architectural, design and artistic problems today is very relevant and modern. Many textures and flowers of facing brick give unlimited possibilities to artists, designers and architects in artistic, architectural and design design. Today, a ceramic tile for a brick is often found on the facing material market. The so -called trick. The scope of this tile is also unlimited, as it can be used as an independent type of cladding in internal or outdoor decoration can also be combined with other materials such as lining, tiles, wallpaper, artistic or natural stone, plaster. Produce this tile in the same way as brick from the same clay and using the same technologies

To design brick decoration, different types of brick surface are used, such as: rough, smooth, chopped, sandy, with a decorative print, under the old days. And yet, for brick cladding, different types of grouts on the seams are used, the thickness and color of the seam during facing are not unimportant. There are also different types of seaming. And achieve the decorativeness of masonry laid in the cord with the seams. There are also drawings in brickwork: Gothic, path and Brandenburg.

Universality and non -high cost with a combination with a wide color palette are widely used by designers when creating various types of internal and outdoor decoration.