At home from a bar

At home from a bar

People have been building wood from wood for a long time. And although new materials for construction began to appear on the market recently, they cannot supplant a tree. The building from the beam is “fresh breath”, comfort, comfort and warmth. Through the walls of such a structure can pass up to a third of the daily air norm. If the windows are dry, then the tree will give moisture, and if it is damp, it will absorb excess. Resin and various oils that are available in logs and wooden beams allow you to form a unique, unique aroma, they have special antiseptic properties.

Sound buildings can be built all year round, and buildings can have a wide variety of purpose — from elite cottages to garden houses. Barus Bazalesa

It is unpretentious material. It does not require any special conditions for its storage, the main requirement is the presence of a free site for unloading. With all the above advantages, buildings from the beam are relatively inexpensive, favorably differing from the cost of buildings from logs. Of course, unprocessed wood has its own disadvantages — the material is subject to deformation, rot and fires. Although, when using modern impregnations, it is possible to largely increase the durability and fire safety of timber structures, although it will not be possible to avoid drying and subsequent shrinkage.

There are various types of buildings from the beam — simple, profiled and glued. A solid simple timber is a simple calibrated log, which has a rectangular or square cross section. The construction of houses from the beam is very convenient and the data of convenience are obvious — you do not have to cut the logs one to another, as in the framework of the construction of the chopped house, you can choose the standard sizes of elements, the structure from the beam is largely easier to insulate. A large number of options for architectural solutions for these buildings are much larger than in chopped houses. But when choosing a bar option, you need to take into account both the aesthetic component (how the house itself will look) and the mode in which the structure will be applied (constantly or as a seasonal house).

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