Bathroom wall decoration and some tips

A variety of trends have infiltrated bathroom design in recent years, from warm Mediterranean wall colors to whimsical wallpaper.

Whether it’s innovative wall cladding or a modern take on traditional tiling, we’ll look at options to help you decide how to style your bathroom walls. As a result, you can order repairs on the website

Bathroom Wall Tiles

The foundation of any bathroom wall design, bathroom tiles don’t have to look purely practical. The variety of bathroom wall cladding options has changed significantly over the past decade, with many colors, shapes and textures to choose from when decorating your walls.

The popularity of large marble tiles in the form of Carrara and black slabs is also growing, giving a luxurious look to bathroom walls. Looking to nature for inspiration, green bathroom tiles also made the cut.

Its colors range from soft, delicate sage to dark green tiles reminiscent of Art Deco designs. More traditional designs have also seen a makeover, with the once bland square tiles now available in brighter primary and fluorescent colours. Terrazzo and terra cotta continue to bring warmth to bathroom walls, and there are no signs of these popular trends going away.

Paint for bathroom renovation

Paint offers a quick, effective and inexpensive decorative update to any bathroom wall, and when it comes to color, the choices are endless. Add warmth to your bathroom walls by choosing shades with yellow undertones. These can range from the palest neutral paint colors such as taupe, cream and calamine to bolder shades with warm undertones such as emerald.

When considering the many bathroom paint colors available, it is equally important to consider the practicality of painting your bathroom walls. Humidity, mold are all factors that will influence your bathroom decor choices. We recommend choosing anti-mildew paint with a satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish to prevent blistering, peeling or mildew on your bathroom walls later on.