The bathroom is considered one of the few places in the apartment where each family member is charged with energy for the coming day or, on the contrary, relaxes after a stressful and long day. Thanks to this factor, all repair work in the bathroom should be aimed at creating convenient and comfortable conditions in it for any environment.

To provide this comfort the best option in the plan will be a warm floor. He is really capable of creating a comfortable atmosphere for any person. The next option is the criterion for supporting optimum temperature using a standard metal radiator. Before starting repair in the bathroom, you need to take into account many more factors. The first factor is the process of the size of the heated plates for placing them throughout the bathroom area. Read more →

Where to start repairs in the bathroom and toilet? The question is purely rhetorical … Probably, first you need to decide whether you will connect these two rooms? If the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to place a washing machine, the necessary furniture and plumbing in it, then there is no particular reason for this. If you intend to install a corner bath or jacuzzi, then, obviously, you will have to sacrifice the toilet in order to increase space.

Typically, the repair begins with the replacement of the bath, toilet, washbasin, as well as replacing sewer and water pipes with modern metal -plastic pipes, which involves further replacement of ordinary valves with modern and more reliable swivel mixers. It should be borne in mind that salt stains and spots always remain on a shiny surface of a metal mixer, which is not very convenient and beautiful.

From this point of view, mixers having a matte surface are more practical. The extremely dubious quality of drinking water today forces today to install cleaning filters in apartments that capture small fractions of various garbage. Read more →

Of all the plumbing equipment used, the bath has long and firmly secured the right of the main object in the room where some adopt water procedures, while others enjoy the achievements of civilization. For everyone, this object is so important that it has determined the name of the room where it is installed. Read more →

If you want a good repair in your toilet or bathroom and at the same time save- do everything yourself!

First of all, you save to pay for employees. You can also plan the terms of all work in accordance with your personal time yourself.

But in order for the repair to be of high quality and delighted you for a long time, it is necessary to clearly imagine the sequence of all the upcoming works. Read more →

Bathroom. For today’s person, it is this part of the apartment or own home that is probably the most important. Why, you ask? Everything is very simple! Each of us arrived home after a hard working day, a tired, dusty, covered with dust of a big city wants to be in this room. The ancients said that it was cleanliness that is the key to success, so we should listen to these words today. Today in the bathroom there should be everything so that you feel a full -fledged person. One people like to splash in a large bathroom, completely filled with water, others, on the contrary, like a shower more. Read more →

The main task, which is solved by buying cabinets, file cabinets and key holders, is to ensure order in one of the rooms or in the apartment as a whole. For example, wall -mounted key workers allow you to store the keys to the apartment, car, garage and cottages in one place, which facilitates their search. As a rule, the keyrs are wooden boxes made of wood, and in the center on the lid of the casket is the image (small picture) of handmade.

And file cabinets, they are cardboard cabinets, are indispensable not only in the office, but also at home. Here it is worth paying attention to compact file cabinets that do not take up much space in the room and allow you to store documents in one place. For greater reliability and better preservation of documents, refractory models are suitable. Read more →