Bezbrane glazing in general buildings

Nowadays, bezardous glazing becomes more and more popular every day. Every second repair of public buildings does not do without this technology, which faster and faster conquers the world niche of construction technologies. Despite all those cases, if the glass broke, then mass tacuability will be in the form of small smooth pieces. Among the positive qualities, the main ones can be distinguished:

-Thanks to the use of non -ramous glazing technology, you acquire elegant and modern facades that will delight the eye with their appearance for many years;

— possible savings in the premises, where the entire part of the structures will occupy a small territory.

The user noted a number of advantages, but should also know certain shortcomings in these designs of non -ramous glazing, which were seen in the operations:

— There is no opportunity in the insulation of the premises — the balcony and loggia. Since glasses themselves cannot have the possible maintenance of heat. In a cold gap, heat will be no more than 7º from above the street. In such cases, it is imperative to acquire built -in heaters;

— Complex care. There is a probability in high exposure of glasses by pollution, where cleansing a large area, it will be in a long and labor -intensive process, and if you hire an industrial climber, then expenses cannot be avoided;

— The undesirable use of these designs in the area where a cold climate is observed and present. Due to sharp and frequent temperature changes, possible deformation of aluminum profiles may occur;

— the impossible installation of a mosquito net is represented in a certain inconvenience if such structures are in suburban areas;

— insufficiency in the level of protection of soundproofing in noisy cities.

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