Bezos will create a fund to eliminate the consequences of wildfires in Hawaii

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his fiancée, TV host Lauren Sanchez, will donate $100 million to help with the wildfires on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Sanchez wrote about this on her Instagram page (the social network belongs to Meta, an extremist organization banned in Russia).

“Jeff and I are creating a $100 million Maui Foundation to help Maui get back on its feet,” Sanchez wrote, noting that the aftermath of the fire broke her and Bezos’ hearts.

Wildfires have been raging in Hawaii since August 8. They were caused by drought and hurricane winds. The historic resort town that used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii has been «burned to the ground,» said County Mayor Richard Bissen. 14 thousand people were evacuated from the island of Maui.

Wildfires in Hawaii have become the deadliest in the United States in a hundred years. As of August 13, 89 people have died. The death toll increases as the bodies are found. According to Reuters, the fire claimed the most lives among all fires that have occurred in the United States since 1918, when 453 people died in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The disaster also became Hawaii’s worst natural disaster in history, surpassing the 1960 tsunami in which 61 people died.