Ante Todo, it is worth saying that breaking is a method by which wood can be aged artificially. And if your house has wooden floors, then you can achieve an exquisite look using this method. At the same time, an exquisite old man will create in the house to unique, elegance and extraordinary beauty. In order to get the form of antiquity, you do not need to wait a decade, this can be achieved using special equipment and thus get artificial aging of wood.

This is one of the most common methods in our time for such aging, which is an excellent decoration of your wooden floor. Such a technique is that a certain layer of fibers is removed from the surface. In this case, a special nozzle is used or the most ordinary metal brush. More often this method is used on wooden floors from parquet, since it is very pronounced on it by annual rings. It is worth knowing that with such processing, a lot of dust is formed and therefore it is necessary to carefully hang all the furniture and walls of the room. It is also better to block all kinds of cracks so that dust could not penetrate the neighboring rooms.

To properly process the floor, it is better to use a grinding machine, after which treatment is required by the rotational apparatus. The next stage in fermentation is the tinting of the wood, which is made with a stain along the fibers and in one layer. Then a polyurethane primer is applied to one layer. Let the surfaces dry, and then tint. To do this, use a patina, which makes the wood more voluminous visually. After drying, its excess is removed with sandpaper. At the end of all the work, the floors are covered in two layers with varnish and it is better to use matte varnish, which will even more give the shade of antiquity. You can do the entire stage of such works yourself, but you can contact specialists who can accurately and quickly carry out all the work.

If you are interested in a TIG apparatus, go to the WELDTEH website. This abbreviation comes from the reduction of Tungsten Inert Gas. This type of welding is usually used in cases where the highest quality of the seam is required. If you take into account the coefficient of fusion, then this method is somewhat worse than MMA and MIG/MAG.