Brus imitation: advantages and disadvantages

A wooden imitation of a beam is a popular lining material that allows you to create an attractive appearance and protect the building from external influence. The tree itself is not only practical, but also very beautiful building materials, so most homeowners prefer to use it in construction. However, it has a number of shortcomings. Therefore, the main design is preferred to make from more reliable raw materials. But I don’t want to abandon a beautiful wooden house, so many use imitation of a bar for lining the facade, and sometimes interior decoration.

Such material has much in common with the lining, but is characterized by large dimensions and thorough processing of the front side. For its manufacture, pine or spruce is most often used, less often deciduous rocks. The preference of the khva is given due to a high level of resins, which give internal protection the tree from rot and moisture.

Advantages of imitation of the beam

Such a solution for facing has many advantages:

High strength, reliability of the material.

Environmental friendliness. Wood — natural raw materials safe for human health.

Pleasant smell and attractive appearance. Resins contained in wood can exude a light coniferous aroma.

Imitation of the beam gives additional protection against external influences. It has the same heat, noise and moisture insulation properties as other wood materials.

Easy installation that does not require specialized knowledge and devices.

Such a sheathing includes all the advantages of wood material, allows you to create the appearance of a wooden house.


Of course, like any building materials made of wood, imitation of the beam has some disadvantages:

The material is not available for use in rooms with high temperature.

High fire hazard. All wood materials have such a drawback. Therefore, multiple treatment with special compounds is required.

The smell of pine is very persistent, so the imitation of the beam is suitable for exterior decoration, but in living rooms, use is limited.

Significant moisture protection is required. Of course, the content of resins improves wood properties, but antiseptic processing on both sides is required.

The choice of imitation of the beam should be treated very carefully. Low -quality panels can crack, dry out, deform.


Such material is quite capricious, requires a certain care and processing. However, with proper treatment, imitation of a beam is an attractive external sheathing. It is necessary to regularly treat with varnish, antiseptics, means from decay, insects, fire soaks. Also, to prevent sunlight hit, it is necessary to tint the panels.

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