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Members of the Government of the Moscow region decided on the issue of increasing subsidies of the municipalities of the region for captaining objects related to public infrastructure, according to the Ministry of Construction complex of the housing and economic complex of the region.

“In addition, a solution to the issue on subsidies is provided for by funds allocated from the budget of the Moscow region, which will invest in investing public infrastructure objects in the total amount of three hundred and thirty million, which includes funds to ensure finishing materials. For this, a specialized catalog of children’s wallpaper has been created, ”the report said.

According to departments, funds are needed for commissioning milestones, which are almost in the degree of readiness.

Distribution of budget allocations

So, approximately thirty-two and a half million cash have already been aimed at building a sports complex in Dubna, about eighty million- for the construction of a school in Elektrogorsk. In addition, one hundred and fifty -five million is planned — to conduct the reconstruction of the school in Pushkino, as well as thirty million — to build a training rink equipped with artificial ice -type ice in the city of Stupino.

In addition, about seventy -three million rubles are planned to be sent to complete the repair and restoration work of each military facility of the housing and communal services in the towns, which was transferred to the property of the Moscow region.

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