Bungalo — style or its absence?

The very word “bungalow” itself predetermines the mood of complete relaxation and serenity, causing a feeling of light blowing Breeze under the hot sun, when the disputes of the designers about whether the Bungalo-style is an independent direction or it should be considered a kind of country or ethno-style, seem to some extent to some extent unprincipled. I recommend that you look at the design of elite houses that the Kashuba Design interior design studio offers on the website of the Kashubadesign studio. You can find various style offers for country houses and cottages.

These Indian huts liked British colonists, who fully appreciated the comfort of this kind of dwelling in the humid and hot climate of Bengal. In the future, the features of these Indian buildings were connected by the British with the advantages of the dwellings of the Indians of South America. The resulting result with the features introduced into it, characteristic of the European tradition of the interior, was the progenitor of the Bungalo-style.

When designing a house in the style of Bungalo, it is necessary to remember the features that distinguish it among other design areas, one of which is a low ceiling that determines the horizontal orientation of the interior of the entire home. Interesting is the layout of living space — all rooms are located around the living room — the central part of the house. Some rationalism inherent in such a dwelling is expressed in the maximum functional use of each room.

When choosing materials used for decoration, as well as the selection of accessories should be guided by the fact that the Bungalo-style is a style of natural materials: wood, stone, stylized straw-in decoration, ceramics, bone, leather, linen, cotton-in the design of the situation and decor. It is preferable to decorate the windows in this style solution in the French style, that is, from floor to ceiling. The color scheme should correlate with the general solution of the interior and withstand natural colors — oches, everything is also brown or reddish wood, a variety of shades of waves of the vast ocean and blue sky.

The design of the interior in a similar style will certainly make your home unique and cozy, exotic and comfortable.