Cement-sand screed

The cement-sand screed is used in order to prepare the surface of the concrete base for laying flooring, hide pipelines and other communications, equip the warm floor, and also correctly distribute the load on thermal insulation and sound insulation layers. In fact, to date, the screed is cemented sandy is the most popular, largely due to its reliability and durability. It allows you to easily align the surface of the floor, which has a height of up to six centimeters.

The finished coating after its complete drying can withstand the highest loads even in conditions of intensive movement. It is not afraid of mechanical strokes, therefore it is widely used not only at home, but also in production workshops. The composition of such a screed includes components — cement, sand, water and fillers. The main task of fillers is to give a cement-sand screed of plasticity, resistance to aggressive chemistry and frost resistance.

This screed costs cheaper than pure concrete, but at the same time is not inferior to it in the most important parameters, and also differs in the simplicity of laying. If necessary, it can be laid even with your own hands. She is not afraid of chemical influences, including from active substances such as mineral oils, solvents, slightly alkaline solutions. If you add expanded clay to its composition, you can achieve increased insulation qualities.

A screed of this type is characterized by increased wear resistance and impact resistance, as well as resistance to short -term point critical loads. Its cost and styling technology largely depend on the additional components used. Despite the fact that the cement-sand screed can be laid on its own, it is still recommended to contact a specialist for work.