Ceramic tile care! How to care for tiles?

In the care of floor tiles, you need to know several basic rules:

1) Care should be carried out not only behind the surface of the tile, but also behind the seams. When wet cleaning using detergents, it is important to avoid compositions with strong and aggressive chemical additives on an acidic basis;

2) do not clean the surface with metal brushes, since they can scratch the surface of the tile and clean the grout from the seams;

3) ceramic tiles can split if a heavy solid object falls on it, so it is advisable to cover it with litter or rug.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom — in a raw room where the temperature often changes — can last a long time, but it will require special care.

How to care for ceramic tiles?

For careful care, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a quarter of a glass of vinegar, hot water, a plastic brush with a hard bristle and a soft mop. First you need to spill the floor to clean ceramic tiles from dust and garbage. Then you need to add a bucket with hot water a quarter of a glass of vinegar, which will serve in this situation with an excellent splitting agent. Next, you need to take the brush, moisten it in vinegar solution, and clean the dirt from all seams of the grout and the surface of the tile with strong movements.

After that, you need to again dial a bucket with hot water, add a detergent to it and wipe the floor with a mop. Any detergent can be used, but the best option is the means for washing the surface of ceramic tiles. These funds will not damage ceramic tiles and wash it very quickly and high quality. However, for this type of work, other improvised detergents are also suitable, even hot water with soap.

To care for unglazed ceramic tiles (porcelain, clinker), it is necessary to use a special liquid that protects the floor from spots on the surface and seams.

It is necessary to pay special attention to ceramic tiles with a notch, polished and non -slip. Polished light plain colors are not too resistant to some types of spots, so it is important not to forget that they need more care.