Chelyabinsk crane

Among many noticeable parameters, the characteristics are a cargo issue similar to caterpillar cranes with a carrying capacity of up to 130 tons.

Despite the colossality of the presented technical characteristics, the crane is distinguished by a compressed design (the width reaches 3.2 m), which has become a reality with the help of removable caterpillar beams. The mechanism does not require a long configuration, and enter into use using a comfortable auto -component function.

The main attention was paid to safety and quality operation measures: an automatic reduction in the maximum load on the engines, electrodynamic braking, unstressed device buttons, and the highest quality materials prevent the crane from risk. In addition, security systems are built, which, by blocking individual parts, eliminate the ability to overturn the tap. It is equipped with coordinate protection for small sections of space: when the crane is near the obstacle, it works and decreases the performance of lifting operations to a minimum. The crane also has special algorithms that contribute to the design of acceleration speed from the weight of the crane cargo — avoiding swinging of the load and automatically determine the desired acceleration.

The control of the engine speed control is streamlined — an additional feature in the originality of the new model, thanks to which the crane operator has the ability to move the load along a given path and control using a special radio remote control.

If you want to follow the construction site around the clock, you will need to buy a set of video surveillance chambers. Such a set is easily mounted at the facility, and on the same day you can check its performance. On the site you can purchase ready -made sets of owing. A large selection of these goods is presented here.