The smoke pipe only visually represents the entire complex design of the drain of smoke. Naturally, any device that works, of course, on liquid or gaseous fuel should be equipped with a smoke removal system. Experts call such systems a pipeline, through which carbon monoxide is removed.

Considering the principle of operation of this system, you can notice that here the main fuel element is natural gas or liquid fuel that consumes oxygen directly from the air surrounding us. In this case, the products of combustion are elements such as gaseous combustion products and the ash directly.

As for the upsurous power in the chimney, here it occurs due to the temperature difference of the air that is released during the combustion of gases. Combustion products have a higher temperature compared to the environment. In this case, they strive up, as a result of which there is a craving. Most of the chimney is mandatory inside the building, so that, for example, the products of combustion, the displayed outwards do not have time to cool before going out. Here, special attention is paid to the deposits of soot, which must be cleaned from the walls of the pipes.

The construction of chimneys is a difficult work from a technical point of view, since in addition to the safety requirement, a characteristic is used, such as effectiveness and aesthetics. Therefore, as a rule, one smoke pipe is installed on one section of the building, to which chimneys are then connected from several furnaces. Naturally, if the building is not large, it is enough to install one smoke pipe.

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