Colonial style interior

Colonial style, what kind of beast it is and what it is eaten with? And they eat it with more tastier and more expensive. This is a style that arose at the end of the 19th century, when Europeans began to bring exotic attributes of the interior from distant countries and bring them to their home environment. This style cannot stand fakes and falsehood. If you like exotic, ancient, combining everything, a mess of cultures, then this interior will take root at you exactly.And now seriously, which is characteristic of the colonial style. It should have large windows to be closer to nature, natural materials, also not cheap, if wood, then oak, lapacho or a mahagon; If fabric, then silk, flax or wool. Great use of exotic accessories, antiques, a combination of classic interior items with objects of different cultures.

The walls in such an interior should be plain, natural tones yellowish, grayish, beige. The walls will be shaded by other bright accents. But with the ceiling you can turn on the imagination. But with the ceiling, you need to be truly original. You can use ethnic trends of cultures of India, Africa, East or Latin America.Moreover, the center of the ceiling, in this interior, should decorate a large forged, old chandelier. But the chandelier has only the beginning, the colonial style provides for a large amount of light, from there and the presence of large windows. Next, go from the ceiling to the floor. Here you need to attach special attention. Materials for the flooring should be exclusively natural, natural stone or wood of expensive species. The large size of the windows, which should have the presence of a shutter has already been talked about repeatedly. The shutters should be wooden, painted in a suitable color or remain in the natural state. At the same time, the presence of curtains is optional, but if it bothers you, you can hang translucent curtains from silk or flax. As for the furniture, the colonial style is larger for relaxation than for the working atmosphere, therefore the furniture should have a vacation: shelf racks conveniently accommodate and hide all unnecessary items and emphasize the sophistication. Sofas and armchairs should take in their arms, and those who fell into them should sink. As for the bed, it should have a forged headboard or, in extreme cases, wooden. Also, the bed should be crowned with a canopy. We must not forget that the colonial style does not combine the objects of our time, therefore, if you fail to abandon them, you will have to hide them so as not to violate the idyll in the situation. What can be said about textiles in this interior is that there is a flight of fantasy, because, here you can use all attributes characteristic of cultures, which combines a colonial direction, East, Africa, Latin American, European. Little things and accessories are one of the integral components of this style, therefore figurines, heavy frames, mirrors, paintings, exotic plants, animals and birds, all this from this hypostasis, colonial style.

If you are comfortable among this multitude of bright, different-ethnic, ancient, screaming luxury and history of things, then their good ideas and strength to embody them.