Commercial real estate rent

The objects of non -residential fund objects belong to different types of real estate of a commercial type, for example:

buildings of mansions (separately located buildings) used for office, banking, trade — entertainment and other goals that have no connection with the possibility of living.

Each of the administrative type, without exception, means commercial real estate, in the form of office and business centers, shops, restaurants, pavilions, non -residential premises on the first, basement, semi -basement and basement in the residential building, from the very beginning not intended for use, as apartments, as well as apartments that are withdrawn from the housing stock and have the following targeted destinations — for “premises with free purpose”, “for trade purposes”, “as an office”, “… household services”, “for the warehouse”, “ for production ”, of various types of industry facilities in the form of buildings and premises of factory administration, workshops, warehouses, production and other similar premises located in the enterprise), land plots intended for construction in industry.

MMDC «Moscow-City» is a project for the construction of cities at the world level, a complex with several functions, where there is a unique infrastructure. The Moscow International Business Center, created on the territory of the Presnensky district, unites high -class apartments for living, a environment for business, trade sites and the territory of recreational zones for leisure. Office rental in Moscow City is prestigious and convenient.

Most of the Moscow-City skyscrapers can already be exploited: Tower 2000, Tower Tower Tower and Federation. In one of the most interesting objects of the MMDC, you can rent an office at Moscow-City. The city of capitals, which consists of two skyscrapers with different number of floors: Moscow and St. Petersburg. One of the most grandiose development projects not only in Russia, but throughout Europe is the Moscow City business area: in general, it is planned to build more than twenty heights, as well as engineering structures and transport networks.

Business centers belonging to the premium class are two-thirds of the total volume of commercial type. Currently, an office rental to Moscow City is a demonstration of increased status and constancy of the organization in relation to the financial plan. For foreign and domestic firms that want to rent an office premises in Moscow City, more than six hundred thousand square meters of space for rent have become available. In a complex capable of performing many functions where they create a new business culture, the most powerful formations in business are already engaged in renting offices: “Accent Real Estate”, “Hyundai Motor Cis”, “Mitsui and Co. Moscow LLC, Oracle, Russian Bank battery, European network, Toshiba and the rest. Real estate rental rates in Moscow City are approximately equal to offers of value in the city center.

Complex with many functions of the Empire Tower is a modern and high-class A business center, which is located in the popular and developed business area of ​​Moscow-MMDC Moscow-City.

The main building, which consists of sixty floors, has a business center (from the second to forty-first floors), which meets the international standard in class A, apartments of the representative and class (from forty-second fifty-nine floors), as well as a place for parking land. In the second structure, accordingly, the general direction of the project, will be located infrastructure facilities: the Center for Medicine, the area for trade and offices, as well as an additional place for parking in several levels for eight hundred and fifteen cars.

The development of the Office of the IFC of the Empire from the external and inside the main international bureaus of architects was developing, at the end of which the face of a complex with many functions was created, which in any parameter could correspond to the highest category of security, ergonomy and convenience. The building of the center for business is equipped with all engineering communications systems, it is distinguished by a spacious presentable entrance group, high -quality finish of common areas and a spacious parking underground.