Concrete. Types of concrete

Concrete is one of the main construction materials. The use of concrete has begun since ancient times. It is reliable, durable, affordable price, convenient to use — important factors for construction. It is impossible to do without concrete during the construction of buildings, millions of tons are used.

When choosing concrete, you need to take into account its cost, as well as other characteristics. There are many types of concrete, mixtures, etc. There are special sites where a large assortment is presented, choose concrete brands from a large number of offers and order it at the construction site. Concrete is characterized by composition, density, quality, as well as price, high -quality concrete is produced using new standards, special additives. This material has greater strength, thermal insulation, resistance to earthquakes, while having a low price and makes it affordable for construction work. It is also used for the construction of roads, bridges, as well as in all other types of construction.

Types of concrete:

• Road cement concrete — designed to cover roads, building bridges, concrete should be durable and frost -resistant.

• hydraulic concrete — used for structures that are in contact with water, such concrete has high strength, frost resistance, water permeability.

• heat -resistant concrete — concrete which is exposed to high temperatures and sharp differences.

• OxyPlain concrete — concrete often has contact with acid.

Concrees are of different types, in order to distinguish them on them are put different markings. M100 (M200) — standard marking. Each brand is determined by quality. For example, after the production of concrete, a sample is made in the form of a cube with a 100mm rib. The cube freezes for 28 days, after which it is tested for strength. The cube is compressed to destruction to evaluate quality. I evaluate it “B7.5” or “B10” and T.D. B7.5-m100 Each assessment corresponds to its brand. The mobility is also a very important factor. Concrete is poured into the 30cm cone, then I remove the cone and evaluate the sediment of the concrete mixture. Divided into sedentary, mobile, very skim. The better he is the better his mobility. That it is necessary to deliver concrete special machines — auto -concrete mixer.