Construction of suburban frame houses

Frame construction is a wonderful alternative to the traditional construction of a country house. Full -fledged buildings built this method deservedly call the rapidly far -minded houses. But, let’s first turn to history. Frame construction abroad today is the main method used in the construction of affordable housing. To, example, in Canada, and the climatic conditions of this country correspond to domestic, such construction methods have been used for more than 60 years, and the construction of new buildings by 80% is carried out in this way. This is not only the creation of one-, two-, three-floor residential buildings, but a number of household and industrial buildings. Frame structures are hotels, garages, outlets, sports and medical institutions, public catering points and so on. What attracts the construction of the frame method so? Fast construction time. The construction of suburban frame houses is amazing at the speed of the construction of a new building. Why spend years on the construction of suburban housing. It is possible to mount a house using new technologies in almost a week. You should not be scared that the building, built in such a quick way, will turn out to be a “flimsy” or mounted “in haste”. The technology of frame construction suggests that the main structural elements of your home will be performed in production conditions, professional specialists on modern equipment and will comply with all the requirements of the customer. Short terms are determined by the fact that the installation of the building will take place already from ready -made elements, which, like a designer, should clearly and quickly “develop” into a new building. The execution of the main elements in industrialized also significantly reduces the deadlines and improves the quality. The price of suburban frame houses. Of course, this item is important for most customers. The construction of country housing is not cheap pleasure and for many the construction of a country house is stretched for several years, namely, due to its expensive cost. Design costs, materials, work, work, unloading, necessary equipment, etc.D. eat a budget with the same rapid speed with which the construction of your suburban structure can go. Today, frame construction is classified as budgetary, that is, inexpensive. For example, a brick or natural stone building will have a cost of two, or even three times larger than a similar building, created by the method of frame construction. Advantages of suburban frame houses. one.Reliability. Put this item first to reassure readers regarding the strength of such housing. Buildings built by the frame method can withstand earthquakes up to 9 points on the Richter scale. A durable metal frame from which the buildings are created is in no way inferior in reliability of houses from brickwork. In addition, the elements of the frame are treated with special solutions that prevent metal corrosion. 2. Economy. The construction of suburban frame houses is distinguished by a low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the structure. Such buildings maintain heat very well, due to the use of various insulation for walls. So in the cold season, heating accounts in such a house, and in summer for using the air conditioner, will delight the owners. 3. Universality. The redevelopment and repair of a building built by the modern method is a simple thing and does not require a lot of time and means. Initially, you can create projects of premises with any layout and low number of storeys. It can be a small country house or an impressive size cottage with a large number of rooms. Frame country houses are a promising type of construction that rapidly increases its popularity. Of course, it is possible to list all the advantages of this method, but is it worth writing such a long and complex article? It is much easier to get acquainted with frame construction in practice and become the owner of inexpensive modern country housing of excellent quality.