Cottage villages for sale industry news

According to the current quarter in the primary market in the field of suburban real estate in the territory of thirty kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road for the Ilyinsky and Novorizhskoye Shosse, about forty cottage villages were put up for sale.

For the purpose of quick implementation, leasing and mortgage are provided that allow consumers to make deals to make transactions.

In total, there are four thousand objects in this territory, including Townhai, cottages, sites without available contracts, as well as duplexes.

At the same time, only a quarter of the households are used for year -round residence, market experts reported, which were interviewed by the portal with Tuttage.

According to the managing director of Blackwood, Timur Saifutdinov, the main reasons for such a low popularity of suburban real estate are the high loading of highways for cars on subsistence trunks, which forces to spend more than two hours in traffic jams when moving only one direction.

Reasons for reducing the popularity of the region

In addition, a low level of comfort and development of public transport — available poor quality, lack of comfort, irregular movement and so on affect the popularity of suburban residence.

It is that in some areas there is no railway message at all, which allows you to get to a fixed time to the destination, affects the final cost.

Another of the negative reasons that affect the aforementioned is a weak infrastructure equipment of the region, experts say.

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