CQR Company: the leader in penetration testing services

When it comes to protecting information and keeping networks secure, no business can afford to compromise. In a world where cyber threats are becoming more complex and sophisticated, having a trusted partner who understands information security becomes a matter of survival. In this case, CQR takes a leading position by providing its clients with proven and high-quality Penetration Testing (Pentest) services.

Key points

CQR is now not just a well-known company, it is a quality standard in the field of information security. For Pentest, it is worth highlighting the following important aspects:

  1. Founded by real experts with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity, CQR specializes primarily in the high-quality detection of vulnerabilities in information systems and the careful development of solutions to eliminate them.
  2. Organizations working directly with PTAAS receive not only more detailed reports on vulnerabilities found, but also valuable recommendations for improving overall cybersecurity.
  3. One of the key advantages of working with CQR is, first of all, their comprehensive approach to the penetration testing procedure.
  4. A team of experienced specialists conducts not only external and internal tests, but also competently analyzes the level of physical security, and also conducts the social engineering testing necessary in this case. This, in turn, allows Pentest as a Service clients to gain a more complete understanding of the current security state of their organization and timely take effective measures to strengthen it.
  5. In addition, CQR continually invests in the development of new methods and technologies to successfully combat modern cyber threats.
  6. Its team of professionals not only strictly follows the latest trends in the world of information security, but also actively participates in international conferences and forums, and also willingly shares its experience and knowledge with the community.

Conclusion and conclusions

Finally, it should be mentioned that CQR now attaches great importance to the ethical aspects of its work. All penetration tests are carried out exclusively with the consent of clients, and. In this case, the company strictly adheres to the principles of confidentiality and security of obtaining information.