Current technologies for producing seals

The process of manufacturing seals passes in parallel — science and the latest technologies. Technological processes can help solve 2 important issues: to make prints most reasonable and accurately protect from fake. The presence of the manufacture of the product that meets the conditions of the present day does not limit himself to the absence of a PC, in the absence of skill to possess it, in the absence of design abilities and graphics of the PC. The choice of equipment for the purpose of production is extremely diverse.

Traditional prominent seals are currently formed by laser engraving. With the support of the laser of the razeny canvas, a drawing of great fidelity is incorporated. Laser engraving is a non -core method of seal production. After all, in the disadvantages of this scheme, it is necessary to bring a strong, unpleasant aroma, which is also arising during engraving.

The seals as a result are very long -term, and according to the quality of the print, they exceed the generally produced photopolymer seals. But this precedent must be taken into account, that the method of laser engraving captures the longest period than polymerization.

EXTRACTIONAL CAMERS is currently being used by exhibiting. They use a watery photopolymer, which has a quality to harden when lighting with solar radiation. The model for this kind of print is formed by means of a circle of edging tape of the upcoming print, which is produced in a PC.

A photopolymer is flooded in the emerging configuration and it is lit in the exhibiting chamber, as a result, which is further, in which place the aerone nothing was black, the photopolymer remains watery. After that, under the clarific zones of the negativity of polyvinyl acetate, it will only make you pour fragments of a watery photopolymer and rinse the future photo printing with water. For the purpose of washing, it is recommended to use special mechanical sinks.

Also, a solid reputation is currently being taken to use a flash of the concept, with the support of which spruce -filled seals are made. Here, the seal is also described in the PC, after which the stamp, stamped. This procedure is authorized in such a way that during the production of the stamp nothing is contaminated in any way, the coloring is not spilled out of nowhere. A huge plus of the Flash concept is considered the pace of activity and ease of control in combination with a high -quality consequence.

Seals received during the assistance of flash concepts are much more comfortable than classic convex. The non -relief printing is almost in no way. It is possible to organize the most accurate image in it, which is not carried out in the convex printing: very non -weed features and points will become corroded from pressure. At the same time, according to Flash, technological processes are allowed to make multi -colored: up to 6 colors. The use of flash concepts will make it possible for you with your intention to freely do your job according to the production of stamping product.