Decoration of the exterior with small architectural forms

In the courtyard, the era of urbanization and the growth of megacities, which is not all modern people. More and more people who want to change city apartments for suburban real estate. At the same time, buying a new home, everyone wants it to be beautiful, individual and cozy. And suburban real estate gives excellent opportunities for manifestation of yourself, because here you can change not only the internal space of housing, as in the case of an apartment, but also the exterior of the house. You can not only purchase beds, tables, wardrobes and a lot of other furniture, but also create an individual landscape design. And all kinds of small architectural forms will be able to help in this.

What is a small architectural form?

Small architectural forms, as a rule, mean any elements of the interior and exterior, which imply the presence of special practical and technical purposes, and have certain small dimensions. Such forms make the courtyard of a country house not only attractive, but also cozy, functional. Small architectural form is a great opportunity to show your imagination. For example, if you decide to buy a wardrobe, you will have to choose from the proposed option and you are unlikely to be able to change something, given the size of the rooms. But in the case of architectural forms, you can order individual products of specific sizes, shades, textures, and later, immediately after installation, change their appearance.

The main types of small architectural forms

Of course, one of the most popular small architectural forms is arbors. They are in almost every courtyard of a country house. They can be both summer or insulated for the cold season. In addition, small forms include arches, garden bridges, architectural figures, specific country furniture of unusual shape and so on.