DIY suspension ceiling

DIY suspended ceiling, is it possible, and how to make it? All this is possible, and then consider how it all happens.

The work begins with a plasterboard suspended ceiling, which is screwed to the metal frame. Metal profiles, unlike wooden beams, are more light. In this case, these profiles are very convenient when adjusting, can be adjusted with good accuracy, up to a millimeter.

Designs in this frame are located in a horizontal plane. The extreme profiles that need to be installed should be located around the perimeter, and then cover the entire ceiling. The distance between the profiles depends on the size of the drywall. In this case, the edge of the drywall sheet is twisted on the supporting profiles, and transverse profiles are installed between them. Installation of these profiles occurs immediately, but some are partially done so that the frame is possible in a flat horizontal plane.

When installing a suspended ceiling with your own hands, it is necessary to take into account the center of the frame so that there are no bending on its part. To do this, use accessories with which adjustment in height occurs. The convenience of such ceilings, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, hide all pipes, hoods, and other defects.

The suspended ceiling from wooden beams has gone the past, now everywhere they try to use metal profiles. Not every second person is a professional in these works, and metal profiles contribute to even a non -professional work, and his ability to adjust the ceiling in height. Wooden beams are harder and, accordingly, they must be constantly supported.

After the work performed, the room is immediately felt in the room, and accordingly we see the place of the dark ceiling, a suspended smooth ceiling of drywall. After strengthening the ceiling, we can paint, for example, white.

With the help of such suspended ceilings, water pipes, wiring are hidden, you can hide cracks and irregularities in the wall. It also helps to extinguish extraneous noises from the upper floors, while putting cotton wool for the best noise insulator. It is not forgotten to install hatches for access to distribution boxes, transformers.

In the process of installing a suspended ceiling with your own hands, the following installation work must be performed. Determine the height of the ceiling, after which we tighten the extreme profiles. When installing the supporting and transverse profiles, you must think so that the location of the drywall sheets does not affect the cables and pipes. To do this, leave the marks.

At points of fastening, the loop is screwed, they must be located in the places of the marks that we made. The loops must be installed in the range of 60 cm. After screwing the loops, we file the supporting profiles.

If you have the opportunity to attach a plasterboard sheet with a screwdriver, then you must have a drilling limiter. He will help with a nozzle of a screw, and will not make it possible to crack a cardboard.

While working alone, you can use a lift, it will facilitate your task. After installing structures and drywall, it is necessary to close the cracks between the sheets, for this use putty.