Do you need carpentry workshops?

Currently, in the age of standardization and globalization, when conveyor mass production has long become the norm, more and more people prefer unique solutions in interiors, in the design of personal plots and in the decoration of private houses or cottages. Yes, and the standards for window and doorways built before were introduced at home — the center of St. Petersburg is a great many of these houses. And this means that the demand for the products of small private workshops and workshops remains and will remain at a high level, since, in addition to placing an order for the manufacture of windows or doors of unique sizes or the only designer staircase, in places such as a carpentry workshop, others. There are no reasonable ways — do not redo large production under a small batch of non -standard interior items!

So, the manufacture of which elements of the decor, interior items or furniture is most convenient in the carpentry workshop ‘about this and the conversation below will be going on.

One of the main directions in carpentry is the manufacture of non -standard wooden windows, verandal frames or doors. When carrying out the repair of premises (especially in the old housing stock), an entire problem can often become a too narrow window, which also has the shape of an arch or its shape cannot be described at all in one term. The same with the doors: very wide and high doorways of the ceremonial entrances of buildings, narrow doorways of some utility rooms in houses built in the pre -revolutionary period, as a rule, do not fit into the standards now and in Russia, and doors for such rooms fall make only to order, and the workshop specializing in the production of doors and windows according to individual projects will cope with this task faster and for less money.

Wooden interior items, such as arches, wooden panels for walls, specific furniture (for example, benches for art galleries and museums designed for short -term recreation of visitors), as a rule, are made according to individual projects for the design of the interior of artists, and often, often, and, often, unique in its own way. A separate article is summer and garden decorative buildings: arbors, wells, various bridges and bridges, benches, elements of the decor of verandas, and sometimes the verandas in general. Here, the artist is also engaged in the development of the project, and masters working with a tree implement his ideas, and the durability of the product, its resistance to all aggressive manifestations of the external environment is a mandatory requirement.

Well, the most large-scale and each time a new beautiful product of the carpentry workshop are stairs. This is where the scope for creativity! Screw, marching, straight and curved, on the scums of various designs and on bolts, small and neat, like a spiral staircase from the prince of Baryatinsky to the chambers of his wife in the Maryinsky Palace, under the Kursk, and pompous, like stairs leading to canopy (they are a reception and room for meetings) of the boyar house — immediately to the second floor, straight and wide, emphasizing the status of the owner — all these are stairs, each of which is a unique, piece, brainchild, and not a conveyor.

We summarize: wooden elements of the interior of rooms, landscape design elements and any other carpentry products are enough to order in a carpentry workshop, and therefore the use of these products in interior design is very promising, given the fact that wood is a natural material and decorated room here acquires a cozy and warm atmosphere.