Domino doors — exquisite classic

Interior doors are an integral part of the modern interior of any apartment. Today they are distinguished by a huge variety of models and can satisfy even the most demanding taste. For buyers who prefer avant-garde or high-tech style, manufacturers offer glass and metal doors. Those who prefer strict and concise classics will undoubtedly like domino doors.

These doors are the best choice for buyers with impeccable taste, which value exquisite style, natural materials and high quality products. They are characterized by sophisticated design and resemble the Japanese style. Such doors will not only fit perfectly into any interior, but also provide heat and comfort in the room, as well as protect the residents from the penetration of extraneous sounds and noise.

They are produced in various color options and can be installed in any room of your home: in the office, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom.

Domino doors canvas, is a design of spruce or pines, the width of which can vary.  The tree harmoniously combines with inserts of matte, transparent, colored glass. If the door is based on a dull canvas, then such inserts are made of high-quality wood-bearing plate of a contrasting or close to the main color of the shade door. This design allows you to create many different models in different colors. Particularly individuality and beauty can give additional decorative elements: platbands, loops, locks, door handles. They, as a rule, are already included in the complete set, which saves the buyer from additional costs and spending time searching for decor elements.  The high quality of Domino doors is a guarantee that they will retain their original appearance for many years.