Doors review, types, materials

When they talk about doors, they mean a plate made of wood, glass, metal or from some other material that covers the lumen in the wall. But this is a very lightweight door of the door. In fact, the concept of «door» is much more extensive. In addition to the fact that this is a more strengthened plate of the input opening, it is also a whole complex, consisting of a door leaf, boxes with a set of platbands located on the inner and outer side.Also, the concept of “door” as a granted includes accessories, which includes loops, overlays, door handle and certainly and without fail.

But still the most important quality of the door is the material from which it is made. A long -most -widespread material for the production of the door was a tree of different breeds. The doors were more likely made of ordinary pine or birch. The pine door correctly made and processed by ordinary traditional means could serve the owner Vera and Truth for several 10 years, especially if it is an interior door. They tried to make the entrance doors out of a strong dense tree, which, in addition to their own basic function, were distinguished by durability and resistance to atmospheric influences.

What materials and types of doors are in our time?

Here, the rule familiar from the school bench comes to the mind: «Glass, wood, tin». Indeed, the whole abundance of modern doors can be reduced to three categories. The doors in most of their own are made of wood, glass or — no, of course not from tin, from metal.

Iron doors.

The choice of material for doors depends to a large extent on the purpose of the future door. Only one thing can be said with confidence: interior doors are not metal. This is understandable, because the purpose of the metal is to protect the residents from illegal penetration of third parties in housing. Here you need a fortress and resistance to hacking.

In most of their own, the iron entrance doors are insulated with mineral wool or polystyrene (there are other methods of insulation) and installed together with the iron box, a complex castle system and modern eyes or video surveillance systems. Decorative decoration of the inlet iron doors with wood or polymer decorative paint is also allowed. The outer iron door, which is in contact with atmospheric precipitation and other harmful factors, needs additional protection.

Interior doors and doors located in the snuffs of the premises are almost always made of wood, glass or

combine these materials with metal, plastic and other modern materials. There is no accurate dispersion in this case. In each certain case, this is a matter of taste and monetary abilities of the home owner.

Wood doors.

Wood doors contrary to the inveterate view, in our time it is very occasionally made from a solid array of wood. They could do this in the long -term in the absence of the necessary technologies. Then the log was sawn into boards and bars, later all this painstakingly witty, glued and transformed into a finished product. Such doors served people faithfully for a lot of years, but had a lot of shortcomings.

VO-1, they were quite rapidly twisted under the influence of the temperature difference, damp, etc.P. The curvature and wriggling of the doors canvas appears due to the natural origin of the wood, its heterogeneous structure, varying degrees of spicy and processing. Apart from that, the wood breed before processing could not have been leaning.

That’s why modern manufacturers make door leafs made of glued wood, connecting the bars of wood of different breeds with a different direction of wood fibers. This makes the wood massif dense, persistent to a care. They use an array of various wood: oak, beech, pears, cherries, chestnuts, nuts, etc.D. The wood breed is chosen, taking into account its texture, the ability to grind and the next painting, tinting or varnishing.

Glass doors

Glass can be used as a decorative element in woody (more often in iron) doors. But there are continuous glass doors.

Due to the presence of modern materials and technologies today, a very wide selection of glass for doors is proposed today. It can be matte, colored, corrugated and mirror glass. In the middle of similar doors are stained -glass windows.

There are also doors with excellent color tinting, and even glass doors, the glass of which is enhanced by a thin iron thread completely inconspicuous for the eye.

Due to the fact that the glass is relatively simply cut and processed, there are a variety of forms of inserts-with ordinary rectangular philanters to stylish, asymmetric, with beautiful smooth lines.