Experts named megacities with the largest share of unsold new buildings

Most of the unsold housing in new buildings of Russian million-plus cities at the beginning of August was in Omsk. Almost 77% of housing under construction (248.3 thousand square meters) in this city has not yet found a buyer.

Such data of RBC-Nedvizhimost were provided upon request by experts from the analytical platform

According to, about 323.8 thousand sq. m of housing, of which 248.3 thousand square meters. m remain unsold. According to experts, it will take an average of 4.4 years to sell these volumes, taking into account the fact that on average 4.7 thousand square meters are sold per month in Omsk. m of housing.

In second place in terms of unsold new buildings is Krasnodar. 4.2 million square meters are being built here. m of housing, of which 3.2 million sq. m — or 75% — remain unsold. To realize this volume, according to analysts, it will take about 4.5 years with an average monthly sales rate of 59.2 thousand square meters. m. In the spring, Krasnodar was the leader in unsold housing. Then the share of such new buildings reached 85%, and Omsk, in turn, was in second place with a share of 80%.

Samara is on the third line. In this city, 71% of housing on the new-build market has been sold, the volume of which reaches 951.5 thousand square meters. m. To sell another 671.2 thousand square meters. m, it will take about 5.2 years, taking into account the fact that on average 10.7 thousand square meters are sold per month in Samara. m.