Features of a modern building from a bar

Have its own angle, though such that it also gives warmth and comfort, almost everyone dreams. Even one who does not yet have the ability to acquire it, does not lose hope plans the future desired housing.

Among the contrast, which gives a modern system, the buildings from the beam occupied a separate niche, which is logical enough. The main of the advantages of such a house can be considered the speed of construction, if you compare the construction of brick or blocks. Why the process is accelerated? The role of 2 factors play the role of: lack of need for decoration and a minimum system of shrinkage of the system. To everything, building materials will allow you to do anything with it, it can be laid by various methods.

To date, several types of timber are known:

• sawn beam. This type is the most economical option. The production does not need to use high -precision technologies. When dry wood is taken over the base, the need for drying disappears. However, such a beam is predisposed to the occurrence of cracks. Apart from that, the cut option, unlike other species, often owns an asymmetric cut, the degree of marriage in a sawn beam is high.

• Profiled beam. This type is obtained by cutting the barrel on rectangular bars. Then a profile is formed with firmly connected bars with each other, therefore, buildings from a profiled beam better maintain heat. Some associate buildings from a timber of this type with the assembly of the designer, if we consider the speed of construction.

• Strict beam. It costs cheaper than profiled, as its grooves are not so accurate. But by the remaining signs, it is like a profiled. It is obtained using special equipment, where at the output, 4 planes are carefully processed.

Subject to clear compliance with production and finishing technologies, it can be assumed that the house from the beam will become durable, and a convenient local climate will be created in it.

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