Floor repair in the apartment with your own hands

No matter how well the repair was made, but if the floor is not repaired, then it cannot be called full -fledged. The process is of course interesting, but also complex.

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There are a lot of building materials in our time for floor decoration, these are tiles, laminate, parquet board, linoleum, traditional wooden board and the same carpet. Everything will depend on, of course, on the design of the room, your fantasies and naturally finances. If you were confused when choosing, you can easily contact specialists for help. You need to start repairing the floor, of course, with alignment. To do this, you must first evaluate his condition, because perhaps he can still serve several years. If you resolutely tuned to repair the floor, then a few tips. If the floor is parquet, then you can go through a grinding machine to remove the old layer of varnish, close the cracks and grind. From the wooden floor, you must first remove the paint, then level the surface and also walk with a grinding machine, and then open it with antiseptic stain and varnish. And to just align the floor, you can use a dry screed or self -leveling bulk floors. Modern tools and building materials will help you facilitate this work and it will not seem so difficult for you.

If there is a need, then you can make the floor with heated, as well as make noise and waterproofing. All kinds of electric and telephone wires can be hidden under the baseboard. When using building materials, everything must be done clearly according to the instructions in order to adhere to the technology. Adhering to these simple tips, you will get high -quality repairs with minimal costs and will affect the practical and external properties of the floor.