Floor screed when repairing an apartment, how to make it yourself

With modern repair technologies, large requirements are imposed on the surface of the screed, it should be perfectly even and without cracks, since the quality of further work with parquet, laminate or linoleum depends on it. After all, the screed is the basis of the floor! For beginners in construction, a screed of the floor on the basis of a fast -hardening mix will be considered in this article. For the screed of the floor «Establish» Scorline T-45.You can take any other similar — the technology will be the same. The base of the floor is thoroughly cleaned, processed with a vacuum cleaner, all cracks are eliminated so that the mixture does not flow. A deformation tape (marginal) is laid along the perimeter of the room, then the prepared surface of the floor is covered with soil can be rolled or sprayed, no difference. We select a primer depending on the material on which we apply. If the humidity is increased, then apply waterproofing primer. After the soil dries, the mixture is prepared to fill the screed. Clean dishes are taken with a capacity of the mixture necessary for preparing the mixture, the water is poured cool from 20 degrees Celsius, then the mixture is gradually poured into the dishes, thoroughly mixing. It is better to interfere with a special nozzle with a drill. Mix five minutes until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, then after waiting for 1-2 minutes you need to mix for another 2-3 minutes and wait. After that, two three minutes and can be used as intended. The amount of water as mentioned above is written in the instructions, an overdose is prohibited and leads to a stream streaming. Use only clean dishes- this is important. If the viscosity increases, just mix again. Remember that the mixture freezes in one hour, so do as much as you can use. It is necessary to pour the mixture from the far wall, you can manually or pump. The temperature of the room should be from +5 to +30 degrees Celsius. The bay of the mixture for the release of air bubbles on the screed passes through a pimped roller and when dried the surface of the screed is moisturized to avoid cracking. With rapid drying on the floor, you can walk after 2.5 hours. Complete drying will occur only after twenty -eight days, so further work, for example, laying parquet, is carried out after 28 days. Before starting work, do not forget to check the release date of the mixture. Because the validity period of the mixture is 6 months. More information can be found on/katalog/osnovit/smesi_dlya_utrojstva_polov/. Bulgarian for cutting profile. Knife with spare blades for cutting drywall. Plumb and level. Pencil case and roulette. Perforator for fastening the profile to the ceiling. First of all, calculations and markings are performed for installing the guide and outlet profile. After marking, you can start fastening guides and fasteners. And after installing them, you can start the establishment of rack profiles in the guides for the best profile institution we make them 5-10 mm less than the height of the partition. Profiles are attached to each other with self -tapping screws. After mounting the structure of the frame, you can start fastening the drywall sheets with self -tapping screws to the rack profiles. At the end of the installation, the surface of the partition is putty and processed with sandpaper.