Granite St. Petersburg plate and its application

Natural stone granite is very often used in construction in finishing work. The stone is well polished, while maintaining the mirror surface. The texture of granite is relief, which makes it possible to emphasize its monumentality to the product. Shades of stone play well in lighting, emphasizing its beauty.

Granite slab for facades

Granite slab is considered a very good material for facing surfaces indoors and for decoration of buildings facades. It is a product that has a rectangular, square or figure shape.

Granite slab in St. Petersburg is an excellent material for covering floor and walls. It gives the room an exquisite appearance, decorating it. The stove is most often used to design living rooms and halls. The good thermal conductivity of the granite slab makes it ideal coating in the bathroom and kitchen for wall decoration and floor. Its use is an ideal solution for the system warm floor. The window sill and countertop from this natural stone will look reliably, efficiently and beautiful. For interior work, manufacturers produce a granite plate with a thickness of 10 to 20 cm.

In external works, the granite St. Petersburg plate is used to finish the facades of buildings, fences and other structures. She is not afraid of natural phenomena and reliably protects the walls from snow, rain, hail, high and low temperatures. Buildings acquire a noble appearance, its greatness is emphasized. Granite slab for external work should have a thickness of 20 to 30 cm. If you use granite for input stairs, it is subjected to heat treatment. As a result, the plate acquires the effect of anti -sceneration. This is especially true in areas with a harsh climate.

Granite paving stones in St. Petersburg

In cities, district and regional centers, areas of roads, sidewalks, courtyards, sites near shops and shopping centers are covered. Granite paving stones are often used as a material for coating. This natural stone performs not only a protective function, but is also an excellent decorative element that can turn any territory into a beautiful well -groomed place. Granite paving stones from St. Petersburg transforms city streets. They become cozy, stylish and pure. If you compare the paving stones with other materials, it noticeably wins against their background. This is explained by many factors. Granite paving stones from St. Petersburg have characteristics that give her leadership among other building materials:

Granite has unique beauty due to its structure and composition;

the stone is characterized by a high degree of wear resistance;

The paving stones have good strength, it is resistant to mechanical influences;

Not afraid of natural disasters, temperature changes, frost and heat;

The material is environmentally friendly.

When laying paving stones, builders provide water outflows for water. Therefore, after even prolonged rains, the water on the sidewalk does not accumulate and easily evaporates due to the presence of the gaps available between the stones.