High-speed cinemabot Bolt X — a revolution in cinematography

In the world of modern filmmaking, where every frame matters, the ability to bring creative ideas to life is a key factor in success. That’s why SP Studios offers the Bolt X, a high-speed movie boat unique and available in Canada. The versatile bolt robot created by MRMC is something unique and impressive. This motion control robot will be a reliable ally in the creation of commercials, music videos, TV shows and films. Its excellent characteristics make it an ideal tool for unleashing the creative potential of directors and cameramen.

Bolt X Specifications

The robot manager has the following characteristic features:

  • arm reach — 3.2 meters;
  • vertical movement distance — almost 5 meters;
  • camera speed -9.7 meters per second;
  • load capacity — up to 20 kg.

These features allow the Bolt X to easily create dynamic shots while maintaining the highest degree of precision in every movement. Bolt X exhibits its unique capabilities when used on a specialized track, where it is capable of lightning-fast and precise arm movements. Following objects at speeds of up to 4.2 meters per second makes it the ultimate tool for fast, accurate shooting. Every Bolt X movement can be programmed using premium MRMC Flair software, providing maximum precision and control.

Rent Bolt X at SP Studios

The Bolt X is available for rental only at SP Studios, the only place in Canada where you can experience its incredible capabilities and create unique projects. Bolt X can be used on a variety of stages, including LED stages:

  • Volume Stage;
  • Cyclorama Stage;
  • Kitchen Stage.

The studio also provides the opportunity to receive the assistance of a certified motion control operator and assistant. All this guarantees high-quality support at every stage of the creative process. To rent a robot, you simply need to fill out a special application form or contact SP Studios staff via mobile data.

The studio offers the best conditions for cooperation. By renting a robot engine, you can take an exciting journey into the world of modern cinematography and realize any creative ideas. The studio provides access not only to the Bolt robot, but also to professional filming equipment of various types.