Houses from a profiled timber

The beam is actually a log processed on the machine so as to have a square or rectangular shape of the section. A beam with one or two sides by the profile is called profiled. It allows you to build houses with perfectly smooth and very beautiful walls that do not require additional finishes. Sometimes you should install a fasting handrail for the stairs, which allows you to rise on the second floor of the building safer. Due to the correct shape, the bars fit tightly on each other, and their joints are obtained as sealed as possible, not requiring hemp. Typically, a profiled beam is produced by their coniferous wood, almost not damaged by rot and insects even without antiseptic treatment, as well as very rarely deforming over time.

If the profiled beam is only on the inner side of the internal side, then the finished house will resemble a log log house outside. In general, it is not surprising that cottages from this material are becoming increasingly popular. Firstly, they gather much easier and faster compared to ordinary log buildings. Secondly, there are practically no cracks in them, due to which in winter they have to spend less than their heating. Thirdly, compared to brick buildings, wooden weigh less, which saves on laying an expensive massive foundation.

Fourthly, the service life of such a house is about a hundred years, which is explained by the ability of the timber to withstand serious fluctuations in temperature and humidity. There are not so many disadvantages of the construction of houses from a profiled beam. The main one is the need to wait for the settlement for a whole year after the end of the construction. Another disadvantage is the combustibility of the material, but in this regard it is no different from any organic materials based on wood.