How to choose a bathroom mixer?

Nothing can ruin the mood in the morning as an ice shower or its complete absence. The reason for this can be a faulty mixer. Therefore, the choice of this product must be approached seriously.

To choose a bathroom mixer, you need to consider the three main parameters:

one. Installation method;

2. Design;

3. Material;

one. Installation method:

Before buying a bathroom mixer, it is necessary to decide where it will be installed. Depending on the installation of the mixers, there are:

— wall;

— on the side;

— on the rack;

— on the shelf

Wall products are the most common and attached directly to the wall. When choosing, such a model should be viewed at the length of the excess (hussaka). Release them with short, medium and long surge. The farther the bathtub is from the wall and the wider its side, the longer the hussak should be.

Now the bathtubs with a mixer on the side are quite widespread. It is mainly hydromassage baths, where the crane is an integral part of their design and design. But there are baths with specially designated places for the mixer so that the buyer himself can choose the model he liked.

Products on the rack are installed to exclusive baths on the legs. This design implies a spacious bathroom. You can install the product on the rack only during major repairs, since the water to it is brought from under the floor.

The last designer find of steel mixers on the shelf. They are installed in niches, on the unreason by the built -in bath or on the catwalks. As a rule, both the bath and the mixer have an original non -standard shape. Accordingly, the cost of such a design increases significantly. This type of product can see the Togliatti mixers here.

2. Design:

When choosing, it is also necessary to understand its device. In their design, products are:

— two -wound;

— Joystick

— Thermostats

Two -wound — these are cranes with two handles that regulate the flow of cold and hot water. Inside, such products have rubber gaskets or ceramic discs. Rubber gaskets must be changed regularly. Ceramic discs are more durable, but more sensitive to contaminated water, so they require the presence of a filter.

Joystick — have one handle that regulates the pressure and water temperature. They are more convenient than two -wagon, although as a result of the breakdown it will have to be changed not a rubber seal, but the entire ball mechanism.

Thermostats automatically maintain the temperature and pressure of the water. Thanks to this function, it is impossible to get an ice shower or scald.

3. Material:

The main material of the case is brass and bronze. Cranes of them are stronger and durable. Such products are additionally chrome and ename to protect them from corrosion and improve the appearance. Less commonly used by alloy steel and silumin, since they wear out faster. Valves and levers are not rarely made of plastic or ceramics with low thermal conductivity.

A correctly selected mixer will keep a good mood and last years.