How to choose a facade tile

The final stage of the entire construction of the building is external finishing. This not only gives the structure to beauty and aesthetics, but also significantly increases the timing of its operation. A wide variety of facing materials can be used to decorate the facade.

However, facade ceramic tiles are currently most famous. It will not require any special additional care. By the way, if you are just starting to build a house, we recommend that you connect autonomous gasification, this method is modern and safe.

Ceramics are indispensable for prolonged operation. They will constantly maintain their original qualities. Laying the coating elements will not require special costs and skills. Firmly and reliably lay the facade tiles any independently can. In addition, work with such facing does not require special conditions and devices. It is attached to the walls using an ordinary cement mortar. It is quite easy to manufacture, so it can be prepared under ordinary conditions with your own hands.

Faced tiles are practically no different from genuine brickwork or natural stone. The potential of ceramic products is huge. All kinds of colors and their shades create unique compositions that can fully satisfy the taste of almost every modern customer.

Ceramic products can be of various thicknesses and weights. It can have additional unique properties to increase waterproofing or increased frost resistance. When choosing your own option, it is very important to consider climatic and weather conditions in which the house will be located after construction.

Facade finishing technology provides for the preparation of the work surface. If the facade of the house is laid out of brick masonry or concrete and has quite even walls, then special training is not required here. With the exception of large depressions or protrusions. It is advisable to remove them before starting work. If the walls are completely dotted with potholes or have many defects, then in this case a thin layer of plaster should be applied. The leveling of the walls will be the key to a high -quality and beautiful decoration of the entire building.

The next work that needs to be done is the surface marking for masonry. Usually begin to mark from the lower edge of the building, but it is not forbidden to do this on top. It is simply much easier to start making masonry from the lower row, because applying the level to the laid coating is much more convenient. And the tile itself will not constantly slide down, but firmly stand on the ledge of the already laid coating. Marking is made in an ordinary way — one tile is applied to one corner of the wall, the other to the opposite edge. Then stretch the cord along the upper edge of the product and marked. For the correct horizontal mark, the level should be used.

When gluing facade tiles to the walls of the house, the weight of the product should be taken into account. A glue solution should be a little less than a centimeter. According to the laws of construction and focusing on the advice of specialists — before laying products, you should moisten the work surface of the product and part of the wall on which masonry will be moistened with water.

The final stage of construction — grout of the seams. It is started after the masonry is thoroughly dried out. The seams begin to fill with diluted cement mortar, smoothing them at the level of coating. Do not do such work during the rain or in cold weather. Otherwise, this may be a useless occupation. Grout will not stick and fall out of the seams.

If you choose high -quality facade tiles and reliable glue, you can create an amazingly beautiful design of the house, which after construction will begin to please the soul.