How to choose a fireplace

Everyone wants to place such a symbol of comfort and warmth at home as a fireplace. And if not at home, then even in the apartment sometimes such a desire wakes up, to revive it a little with soft warmth.

If you still decide to install a fireplace in the house, then a slight confusion will immediately appear-how to choose among all this diversity, which is presented on the market.

When choosing a fireplace, you need to follow several rules. To begin with, you need to choose the type of fireplace that suits you, there are only five types of them: a fireplace with a steel or cast-iron firebox, a wood open, a gas fireplace, a fireplace stove and an electric fireplace.

Everyone has both their disadvantages and advantages. Classic is a wood open fireplace. Since its appearance, it has not actually changed. In general, this is a brick firebox that is faced with stone or marble, as well as a chimney. The main advantage is naturalness, the crack of logs and live fire.

But he also has disadvantages. In use, such a fireplace is quite dangerous, especially if sparks will fly out of the fireplace to the floor, which can lead to a fire, and also, if the operation is possible to smoke improper operation. The weakest place of such a fireplace is a chimney. Only experts can fold it correctly.

Also, the wood fireplace requires constant care, which includes wood harvesting and constant cleaning of the chimney and furnace. In general, it is beautiful, but costly.

Cast -iron firebox has become a kind of revolution in due time. The glazed cast -iron firebox is absolutely fireproof, and at the same time no worse than a wood fireplace. If you want a classic fireplace, then you just should open a glass door.

The efficiency of a cast -iron firebox is quite high — about 60%, respectively, you will warm the room and admire the fire and keep the microclimate in the room. It is necessary to clean such fireplaces much less often, since the fuel in them burns almost completely.

The next revolutionary step in the world of fireplaces was a gas fireplace. It is absolutely safe, as it has control sensors that follow everything themselves. The principle of combustion is the same as in a wood fireplace, so that its flame is completely no different. Help resemblance and ceramic firewood, which at high temperatures are repelled.

Kamin stove is another variety of fireplaces, which is an advanced bourgeois with a small overview glass. The design has passed multiple changes, but the principle of work remained the same.

The most effective in terms of heating is a gas fireplace.

But the most important thing is that it can be installed absolutely on any floor in absolutely any apartment, the cross section of its chimney is only 9 centimeters, and the new chimney models do not have at all. But you will not hear cracking of firewood and smell of the fireplace.

Electric fireplace requires special attention. In fact, this is a regular heater with a built -in fan. It is easy to install and transport. Most often used not for heating, but as an element of decoration.