How to choose a home generator in a store tool Center

Today there is a large selection of different power plants that differ in power and engine type. How to distinguish them correctly, and how to choose the right power station to a person who does not understand them. You can find the answer to all these questions in the power tool store tool Center.

The choice of power power plant.

From the beginning, the power that should at the station is determined. To start, determine the total power of all sources that you are going to connect to the power plant. As soon as determine the total power, do it with the fuse. The best mode for the long operation of the generator is work at 80% of the capacity. The best solution for the home is a gasoline generator with a 4-stroke engine, with the location of the valves from above. From practice it is known that for the work of a couple of bulbs, television and refrigerator, a gasoline generator will be enough, with a capacity of 2-2.5 kW. To work several power tools, you will already need a generator with a capacity of up to 6 kW. The owners of country houses will need a generator of 6 kW for uninterrupted supply of electricity to the house. The correct determination of the engine power will allow you to choose the right type.

Gasoline or diesel generator?

To solve this issue, you need to know exactly why you need a generator. If the station is necessary for not a lot of things in the house of such work in the garden, a workshop, a vineyard, or at a small construction site, then a generator with a gasoline engine is perfect for you. Now in the field of power plants, gasoline generators are very popular than diesel. And the reasons for this, a large selection of models, low cost, practicality and operation, small weight and volume, ease of operation. With the same characteristics, power, price and weight will always be more expensive than gasoline.

But if you need a generator for long -term work, for example for a large construction, or as a power source for a long time, then you should pay attention to the diesel generator. In most cases, the diesel generator serves as the main source of power supply, enterprises, and other industrial facilities. As you can see different generators, used in different sectors and directions. And speaking about generators for use for home purposes, there are more advantage of gasoline generators, due to the low price.

Generator weight.

Depending on the tasks, you can choose the generator different in weight. If you need a compact generator for tourist purposes, then its weight is of great importance. The large assortment presents the choice of portable, gas generators with up to 800W, which are easy to endure and also heavier models. These are the main criteria for choosing a portable generator.

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