How to choose a ladder?

Stepmitsa in the house is a necessary thing. It is difficult to do without it during repair, and if the ceilings in the apartment are quite high, and with ordinary cleaning. How to choose this useful tool correctly.

What should be the height?

The first thing you should pay attention to is, of course, the height of the stepladder. It is not difficult to determine this parameter. To do this, you need to take away the height of the growth of its owner from the height of the apartment. For example, at a distance from the floor to the ceiling of 300 cm and the owner’s growth of 180 cm, the minimum length of the stepladder will have to be 300-180 = 120 cm. The instrument of just such a height will allow you to wipe dust on the cabinets without problems, or, for example, hang curtains.

How to choose the right design?

At the moment, there are three main types of ladders — preferential, suspended or not in need of support, you can see and purchase any of these designs here — the world of ladders. The first two types are used in apartments very rarely, as they are not very convenient to operate. Most often, in residential premises you can see Mr. As for independently standing stairs, they are used much more often and they can be classified into two main types-L-shaped and ladders-transformers. L-shaped stairs are very convenient to operate, but even in a folded state they take up enough space. Transformer ladders are completely deprived of this drawback. If desired, they can be transformed both in the L-shaped, so into the Mr. However, they are quite expensive. When choosing a ladder, you also need to pay attention to parameters such as the width of the steps and the presence of railings. It is on how correctly the equipment will be selected in this regard and the convenience of working with it depends. In the event that a stepladder is planned to use often, it is better to choose an option with wide steps and railings. It is more difficult to store such a staircase, since it is more overall, however, it is much more convenient and safer to use it. For one -time work, an ordinary stepladder with a standard width of the steps and without railing is suitable.

What material should a ladder be made of?

The most common option in this regard is a staircase from a duralumin. This material is quite durable and light. If the price of a duralumin ladder seems to someone not too acceptable, you can choose an option from chipboard. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that such a staircase will not last too long, since the chipboard will begin to dry out over time. The most presentable and, accordingly, an expensive option can be considered wooden ladders, especially from expensive woods. Such equipment will look very good, for example, in the office.

Choosing a stepladder, it is worth paying attention to the type of its design, dimensions, as well as the material from which it is made. In this case, you can purchase the most convenient equipment that meets all the requirements for it.