How to choose a laminate?

For those who started repairs, the question often arises, how to cover the floor. Parquet is very beautiful, high -quality, but quite expensive pleasure. What about the laminate? This is a completely suitable replacement, despite the fact that it looks no worse. The difference lies in the material and design. The laminate has several layers: the basis on which the inner layer is located, which is responsible for strength and moisture resistance, as well as the stabilizing and decorative layers. It is the last, the upper layer is responsible for the aesthetics of the floor.

When choosing the most suitable laminate for your apartment, you should know what its characteristics indicated on the packaging mean. The coating should be, of course, environmentally friendly. It is important that the product has a formaldehyde class, designated as E1 or, in accordance with European standards, EN13329 — this indicates that the flooring does not pose a threat to health.

The surface on which the laminate is planned should be even and dry. The maximum deviation from the horizontal level should not be more than 2 mm per 1 meter with a laminate board thickness of 6 and 7 mm, at 8-10 mm-not more than 3 mm per 1 meter and if you decide to do the installation yourself will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with how to lay a laminate right.

When choosing a suitable laminate, you should pay attention to another significant characteristic. This floor covering has three load classes. For a low -intensity of walking, for example, a bedroom, a laminate board of the 21st class of classes is suitable. For the living room, hallway, nursery with medium load — the coating of grades 21 — 23 is suitable. And for rooms such as offices, salons, etc.P., where a large number of people pass a day, you need to choose a floor covering of a high load class — 31 — 33. It can also be laid in your apartment, for example, in the hall or kitchen. The service life of such a coating, as the manufacturer claims, is more than 15 years with proper styling and optimal temperature and humidity indicators. On the package you can also find 34 class. This is obviously an advertising move, emphasizing the special wear resistance of the coating. The higher the grade class of the product, the higher the price. Although this product is a sufficiently moisture -resistant coating, nevertheless, for bathrooms, rooms with high temperature and humidity it is impossible to lay it, otherwise “bloating” in the joints of the seams will arise, as a result of which the floor in these places will have to be transferred.

Currently, laminate manufacturers offer a rich variety of shades, colors and textures of this flooring. There is even a relief laminate imitating the structure of a tree or stone. The choice depends on the preferences of the buyer and the size of his wallet. As for the shades of this flooring, you can give a couple of simple tips. Rely on your own sensations or contact a web designer that will prepare a computer project of your premises with various cheat variations.

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