How to choose a lawn?

The lawn is not an end in itself, but as a link between individual elements of the landscape gives the appearance of your site a certain completeness and perfection. Consisting of perennial herbs, it does not require very careful care, except for regular mowing, but when laying it, significant physical costs are required independently. By the degree of resistance to trampling, the lawns can be stalling (decorative) or sports (for games and relaxation on them). If, along with the sowing of lawn grass, to plant decorative flowers, then you can get a very beautiful multi -traffic and multi -color. There are also so -called Moorish lawns. The Moorish lawn is an analogue of an ordinary meadow with a diverse and at the same time flowering wildflowers. It is better to arrange a similar lawn in the depths of the ground or sports lawn. It can be mowed once a year. Think about the means of care for the lawn in advance. So in Minsk, in Grodno you can buy good Husqvarna lawn mowers that will provide optimal care and ease of working with the lawn. The most optimal specialists of the Khuskarna R53SV model and the LC56 model are considered.

The device of the lawn.

Preparations for planting lawn grass should be started in advance, a few months before sowing seeds. This option is convenient: in the fall, a deep digging of the site, planned for a lawn with removing weeds and introducing a complex mineral fertilizer (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) is carried out. Without leveling, the site is left for the winter to destroy the root system of weeds. In early spring, it is necessary to dig to the depth of the bayonet of the shovel and remove the weeds with the help of rakes. Thoroughly flatter the earth and grind it to a very small fraction. For example, using the back of the rake. After that, the earth is abundantly watered with rain (finely chopped). When a handsome crust forms on the surface of the earth, under which the earth is still wet, grooves (can be rake) in one direction, for example, along the length. Seeds of lawn grass are sown into the grooves. Then the grooves are made perpendicularly sown and the seeds of grass are also sown in them. The surface is stuck and thoroughly trampled. It is necessary to try so that there are as few seeds as possible on an open surface, which the birds will quickly smack. Having carried out fine watering, leave the lawn for germination. As the grass leaves, remove weeds and water the lawn, at least once a month. If there is too much growth, the grass is touched with a lawn mower with the removal of beveled stems. By autumn you will have a good lawn that can independently overwit. To obtain an even layer of grass, it is necessary to sow it in places of planning prophesis. The lawn can be arranged not only on the selected lawn, but also in the rowers of trees and shrubs (except for trunk watering grooves).

When choosing a grass mixture, carefully read its composition on the package. It’s not bad when the dwarf -dwarf is included in the mixture in a volume of 30% of the mixture.